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Independent Hydraulic Testing Facility

Our Testing Facility

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, our test facility offers broad and customizable testing capabilities, independent validation/troubleshooting, and experienced hydraulic engineering support at a reasonable cost.

Testing Benches

Discover what testing can do for you at the O-ring Sales Testing Facility.

O-ring Sales & Service is dedicated to providing the most reliable, affordable, and flexible independent testing facility in the country.

We operate a fleet of three custom built test benches which each offer unique capabilities for testing of your products. From large multi-stage cylinders, extreme temperatures, high pressures, dirt ingression or a combination thereof, we have you covered.




Red Bench

  • 4500 psi, +28 gpm
  • 125,000 lbf, 12 ft stroke
  • Full load cylinder testing via load cylinder
  • PLC data logging.




Blue Bench

  • 5000 psi, 5.2 gpm
  • PLC control & data logging
  • Rapid cycle endurance testing
  • Two independent manifolds




White Bench

  • Rapid cycle rod gland testing
  • +7500 psi
  • High & Low Temp Testing
  • Dirt Ingression Testing

Why Test with O-ring Sales & Service?

Independent Hydraulic Test Facility


We tell it like it is. Our results are honest and straightforward. Because we sell a variety of brands and products, we are able to recommend the best solution to optimize your project goals. Our team provides practical insight that comes from years of working in the industry.

Our customer test reports are full disclosure, containing all raw data and testing details with high resolution photo documentation.

Computerized high speed data acquisition allows for monitoring of transient events.


24-7 test monitoring completes testing quickly.

Bench setup is flexible and easily customizable.

In-house fixture design and manufacture allows for a wide variety of testing capabilities.


Our engineering staff will work with your team to either quote your testing specifications or develop a custom protocol tailored to your needs.

Custom fixturing built in-house keeps costs reasonable.

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