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An innovative organization built on a solid foundation

With a solid foundation built by our founder Doug Johnson over the last three decades, O-ring Sales & Service is now focused on developing innovative solutions to set us apart in a mature marketplace. We are adapting into much more than a component supplier. We are in constant pursuit of creative ways to embody our founder’s creed: “More than just o-rings, BIG on service.”

Over 30 years in the industry


Integrating technology & innovation

Now actively managed by the 2nd generation, our innovation efforts are focused on services outside our walls: value-add services for our customers. We provide an industry-leading hydraulic test facility as well as a superior VMI offering in ShelfAware, an RFID based automated supply chain platform.

Testing Facility

Flexible, Affordable, Independent

O-ring Sales & Service is dedicated to providing the most reliable, affordable and flexible independent testing facility in the country. Our test facility offers broad and customizable testing capabilities, independent validation/troubleshooting and experienced hydraulic engineering support at a reasonable cost.

VMI Platform

The Future of Inventory Management

O-ring Sales & Service proudly partners with ShelfAware, an intelligent Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Platform. ShelfAware allows you to take control of inventory management by harnessing the power of passive RFID technology to track inventory consumption in real time, all on a user-friendly platform.


More than selling – partnering

Providing value-add services for our customers

These unique services allow us to have powerful conversations with customers where we discuss not just selling parts,
but actually partnering with you in the development, manufacture, and distribution of your products.



Doug Johnson | Founder Doug spends most of his time trying to keep the next generation’s dreams based in reality. When not working he enjoys having fun at his rural Kansas home with his 9 grandchildren.
Jay Barrow | Marketing Manager When he’s not trying to make the next deal happen, Jay enjoys tinkering with race cars and driving as fast as possible. He also has a line in his personal budget for speeding tickets.
Andrew Johnson | Sourcing Manager Andrew juggles several duties including marketing and sourcing. When he’s not busy talking to suppliers and consumers he enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, hunting, and hiking.
Adam O'Hara | Controller Adam wears many hats as he provides daily oversight to operations. Adam enjoys a good baseball game, casting lures with his boys and occasional midnight computer coding sessions.
Evan Clark | Sales Engineering Manager Evan provides engineering support for the O-ring sales team and manages the testing facility. In his spare time, he enjoys resurrecting rusty old engines and machinery in his garage shop.
Fiona | Mascot & Treat Analyst You will find Fiona roaming around O-ring hanging out with all of her friends. She will always be at the front door to greet you and don’t worry she doesn’t shed and is hypoallergenic.


Suburban Kansas City

O-ring Sales & Service operates a clean, lean facility with unique tools and capabilities that set us apart. Visit us and see our differentiators for yourself: cutting edge smart counting scales, custom software applications, ShelfAware RFID demo system, and a robust quality department. These unique capabilities allow us to provide superior service and value to customers coast to coast.

Omaha, Nebraska

O-ring Sales & Service has invested in an industry leading, independent hydraulic testing and validation facility. We operate a fleet of three custom test benches, each offering unique capabilities for development of your entire range of products.


Testing Facility

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